Legal Outreach Committee

The Committee formerly known by the names Lawyer Information and Referral Service and Tuesday Legal Connect has changed its name to The Legal Outreach Committee. The change of name reflects the progress the Committee has made during the past few years making legal services more readily and easily available to the public. The Committee now sponsors three different programs:

  • Tuesday Legal Connect – The weekly call in service operated by the West Virginia State Bar and Legal Aid of West Virginia from 6 to 10 p.m. on Tuesday evenings.
  • West Virginia Lawyer Referral Service – A 24/7 online service that allows the public to connect with attorneys who may be willing to take on new cases. Participants in the Lawyer Referral Service can be searched by practice area and county, or zip code.

West Virginia Online Legal Help – A 24/7 online service that allows users to post legal questions to a private messaging system. The questions are answered by volunteer attorneys. All information posted is held in strict confidence.

Government Lawyers Reception

On November 3, 2015 the Government Lawyers Committee held a reception at the Charleston offices of Pullin, Fowler, Flanagan, Brown & Poe.
Below are photos from the event.

Federal Public Defender Podcast: In Plain Cite

In Plain Cite is a podcast about developments in constitutional and federal criminal law produced by the Federal Public Defender office in the Southern District of West Virginia. Since its launch in July 2015, topics discussed on the show have included the Supreme Court’s recent opinion in
Johnson v. United States that declared a major recidivist sentencing provision unconstitutional, the various sentencing reform bills pending before Congress, and the courts’ treatment of cell phone data and the Fourth Amendment. The most recent episode (Episode 5) talked about the Clemency Project with a pair of guests who are on the front lines of the continuing push for federal prisoners seeking reduced sentences. The next episode will deal with the amendments to the Sentencing Guidelines that went into effect at the beginning of this month.
The show can be found on the main page of the website of the Federal Public Defender for the Southern District of WV at or it can be found in your favorite podcast app or in iTunes and subscribed to. It is also available at

Election Committee Update

Pursuant to an Administrative Order entered by the Supreme Court on May 21, 2013, (click here for a copy of the Order) the West Virginia State Bar developed an electronic voting system for use in Board of Governor and Young Lawyer Section Executive Committee elections. By Resolution of the State Bar Standing Committee on Elections, drafted on September 22, 2015, (click here for a copy of the Resolution), the Elections Committee approved the electronic voting system which had been developed. The Resolution was accepted and approved by the State Bar Board of Governors on October 23, 2015. Therefore, beginning after January 1, 2016, all Board of Governor and Young Lawyer Section Executive Committee elections will be done by electronic method.
While elections for Districts 1 through 5 are scheduled to take place in 2016, the new voting system should be reviewed by all attorneys. A test of the new electronic voting system can be accessed by clicking here. Questions on the operation of the voting system should be directed to Mike Mellace at Other questions should be directed to the Elections Committee via Anita R. Casey at