CLE Inquires June 29 – July 4

Hope Gresham, our CLE Coordinator, will  be out of the office from June 29 – July 4.  If you have inquiries, please contact her before or after these dates.  No other Bar staff member will be able to assist you during this time period.

If you have an inquiry between June 29 and July 4, please send an e-mail rather than leaving a voice mail message.  Please do not do both.  Your inquiry will receive a response as soon as possible after July 4.

Please note that there is an automatic thirty (30) day grace period.  You may take courses during the month of July and carry the credits back to meet the 2014-2016 reporting period.  There is no penalty if all approved credits are completed AND filed by July 31, 2016.  Please be sure to select the appropriate reporting period ending date for courses taken during the month of July, either the reporting period ending in 2016 or the reporting period ending in 2018.

Inactive Members Who Have Not Paid Membership Fees for Three Years

Pursuant to an Administrative Order entered May 19, 2016, the State Bar is no longer required to mail annual membership fee notices to inactive members who have failed to pay inactive membership fees for a period of three years. The State Bar shall adjust the membership status of any inactive member who has failed to pay inactive membership fees for a period of three years to “Inactive – Suspended.” A suspended member is not in good standing. An inactive suspended member may be reinstated to inactive status by following the procedure set forth in Article III § 5 of the Bylaws of the West Virginia State Bar.

Click here for a copy of the order

Annual Professional Limited Liability (PLLC) Organization Renewals

In order to insure that your PLLC is in compliance with the laws of The State of West Virginia, you need to file an annual renewal application with The State Bar. Any change in the corporate organization from the prior year must be reported. COPIES OF CURRENT CERTIFICATES OF INSURANCE ARE REQUIRED. Every PLLC must also register an email address.

If your organization renewed online previously click here to login.  PLLC Annual Renewals were due by July 1, 2016.  If you have questions concerning PLLC reporting requirements contact Anita R. Casey at 304-553-7228 or If you have questions concerning the process for online filing contact Mike Mellace at 304-553-7223 or

Lawyer Assistance Program Seeking Executive Director

The West Virginia State Bar is seeking applicants for the position of Executive Director of the West Virginia Lawyer Assistance Program (“WVLAP”). The ideal applicant will be a professional with recovery experience. Lawyers, as well as experienced, credentialed or licensed professionals with advanced degrees in relevant fields such as addiction, counseling, social work, psychology or employee assistance will be considered. Applicants must understand the problems of professionals experiencing impairments such as substance abuse, addiction, gambling, mental/emotional issues, aging and other potentially debilitating conditions. Superior communication and organizational skills are required, as is knowledge of evaluation and treatment methods. Word processing skills, as well as experience in fund raising and grant writing, are preferred.


PEIA health insurance, state retirement plan and other benefits are included or available. The Executive Director will report to and be supervised by the WVLAP Board of Directors. As an employee of the West Virginia State Bar, the WVLAP Executive Director will be precluded from engaging in the private practice of law.
Applications in the form of a letter of interest and resume, with references, must be received, on or before April 30, 2016, by Anita Casey, or 2000 Deitrick Boulevard, Charleston, West Virginia 25311-1231.

2016 Annual Conference and Meeting

The West Virginia State Bar would like to thank all sponsors of this year’s Annual Conference and Meeting. Over 260 individuals attended this year’s meeting, making it one of our most successful annual meetings in years.
Congratulations to the State Bar Award Recipients:
Mentor of the Year: Michael Chaney Esq.
Young Lawyer of the Year:  Lauren Marie Twigg Krupica
Citizen Soldier of the Year: Judge Derek C. Swope
Legal Aid of West Virginia Award Recipients: 
Kaufman Award: Richard Goldstein
Pro Bono Law Firm: Sal, Sellaro, Thorn and Culpepper
Distinguished Pro Bono Law firm: Hamilton, Burgess, Young & Pollard